Benefits of Edmark Edcoin Cryptocurrency

Benefits of Edmark Edcoin Cryptocurrency

If you missed bitcoin opportunity please don’t miss the benefits of Edmark Edcoin Cryptocurrency, because this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Edmark is a reputable company and has market presence in 33 countries, in Nigeria Edmark has done so much, it is a household name, Edmark has created millionaires, save lives through their benefiting products.

Edmark is now venturing into real estate called Edmark City and cryptocurrency called Edcoin.

See what my colleague told his friend about THE BENEFITS OF EDMARK EDCOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY.

Let me know if it may sense to you in the comment session.

A friend of mine came around to my office today and I said to him:

“If you have to borrow to engage in EDCOIN, it’s not a bad idea. It’s going to pay off in the nearest future”

He then responded:

“Prove it to me”

Then I said to him:

Let’s break down the ROI.”

If you engage with $1000 that is #370,000 (now that it is at 0.12 USD) you will get 8,333 Edcoin tokens.

  • By May 31st 2019, when the value gets to 0.16USD, your $1,000 will become $1,333.
  • By November 2019 when the value goes to 0.20USD, your $1,000 will be worth $1,666.
  • By December 13th, 2019 when the Edcoin token will be listed in the exchanger, (Let us assume the value of the coin goes to $1 but professionals are projecting it to be at $10.But let us work with $1).

Your $1,000 worth of Edcoin will be worth $8,333.

You can cash out then or still allow it to appreciate, the choice is yours.

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How about that?

Being successful is not about being educated or having a degree, it’s all about the right information and acting on it.

Don’t miss this biggest opportunity “startup” in the 21st century from a reputable company.


  1. Attracts Discount

Using the Edmark Edcoin attracts discount and bonuses on everything we buy with Edcoin via Edpoint anywhere in the world.

  1. Integrity

Edmark has well-built integrity of all its business and products, Edcoin won’t be an exception.

Also, there is no third party inference with cryptocurrencies, that is no coin can be transferred from your account without your permission.

The user which is you have total control of all your transactions.

With Edmark Edcoin, there is no possibility of third-party manipulations nor reversing of payments by a sender.

  1. Immediate Credit Alert

There is no waiting period for a transaction with the Edmark Edcoin Cryptocurrency. Once money is sent to your Edcoin account it enters and shows immediately, no need to wait for the so-called “Network” which most Nigeria banks use as an excuse for a failed or delayed transaction.

  1. Loyalty Points

For every Edmark Edcoin, you spend anywhere in the world, you get loyalty points from Edmark which in turns gives you SV or BV in Edmark and you still get paid on that just like your normal SV (Edmark Distributors will understand better).

  1. Lower Transaction Cost

The general average cost for each transaction in Nigeria is quite high between #52.5 and #152.5 which is on the high side compared to the lowered charge of Edmark Edcoin.

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The person to person transactions without a third party reduces the transaction charges.

  1. Universal Availability To Everyone

All cryptocurrencies are easily accessed on a decentralized network, meaning anyone can earn and use it, so Edmark Edcoin is no exception to that fact.

It’s going to be a universal currency, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world, and it will keep appreciating the more people spend or use it for transactions.

  1. Attracts New Customers

Edmark Edcoin is rising daily, becoming more popular and more person seek to participate in it. This can bring about exposure to a clientele you don’t have before.

  1. Tracking of Payments

Edmark Edcoin can tract any transaction on a second to the second basis (that is immediate tracking) and the exact time of delivery of payments can be gathered with more certainty.

No more waiting for the period of three days or more just to tack a particular transaction, as the traditional banking system will demand.

  1. Security of Currency and Transactions

Edmark Edcoin cryptocurrency is the safest and easiest means of shopping online without risk or loss. Instead of being afraid to purchase online so that your credit card details will not be misused.

  1. Confidentiality And Privacy

Whereas banks require full knowledge of all your personal details and that of the beneficiary of your payment, Edmark Edcoin cryptocurrency does not require more information than you are willing to provide.

Your payment is between you and your beneficiary. For people who require privacy and anonymity, this is one of the greatest benefits of Edmark Edcoin cryptocurrency.

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In Conclusions

Billionaires are risk takers. You cannot claim to be a risk taker when you are doing ordinary things.

To be rich, you must do what others are afraid to do

To be average, you mustn’t be scared to take a risk.

Cryptocurrency is the song in town now take a bold step and join us, enough of observation & procrastination.

The future lies in the hands of investors

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