Best Business To Start In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Best Business To Start In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Are you thinking or searching for the best business to start doing in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state? Congratulations, cause you’re lucky reading this now, not so many people happen to come across such useful information these days for free.

Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria is a peaceful and less populated region, with most of her citizens as civil servants. The state is the destination of many, as many people visit the state daily and an open business ground that is occupied mostly by those from the east.

With the high level of industrialization pursuit of the present government, the state is open to any kind of business.

Location of a business is a major factor that determines the success of that business. Business is all about delivery the right product or service to the right person(s) for a price.

So your business location matters a lot if it’s within the reach of those that need it. You just have to know your environment needs and offer to help for a price.

Business is also about knowing the kind environment you’re in or planning to go in for business.

So in this post,  Uyo, Akwa Ibom state will be a case study, for businesses that will definitely do well there.

  • Full-Time professional Jamb/WAEC Tutorial Classes

I must confess starting this business in a professional way in Uyo will make you a rich.

Tutorial Classes are run by only a few persons in an un-serious and unprofessional way in Uyo. They only set Classes for the students when they themselves are free and that is by evening, offering only evening class tutorials.

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Running your own in a professional way different from the way they run theirs will give you a lead ahead of them and will definitely make your business a success.

Have you ever wonder:
-what if you run your own tutorial classes differently like a school.
-why not engage does that just finished secondary school but didn’t take Jamb and does that didn’t get admission when they last too the form, academically in preparation for their goals for a fee.

Contact Us for business plans and strategy on how to state this business professionally in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

  • Computer and ICT Company

More than an average number of young person(s) living in Uyo have a desire for computers, ranging from hardware, software, programming, Internet of Things, networking, etc.

You could be a game player in these either in sales of computer and its accessories, repairs and teaching others how to repair, developing software and teaching others how to do same for a fee, etc.

The list just goes endless on how profitable computer and ICT business is in Uyo. A bizhub printing/photocopying machine which sells at twenty thousand naira (#20,000) in Lagos can sell for more than seventy thousand naira (#70,000) in Uyo.
How profitable this is.

  • 3. Transportation

This business is highly profitable that even Governments venture into it, competing with private sectors and individuals that are into it already.

With the high rate at which people visit Uyo daily and the increasing population of the state, transportation is what they can’t do without and its a sure way to getting a steady daily income.

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Even taxi business is high paying, running a taxi service within the city metropolis will earn you some good cash, even if it is not you that drives the taxi, you can buy and employ someone to drive the taxi for you.

An average rich man in Uyo is into this business or planning to.

  • Estate Business

Accommodate is another very sure lucrative business that the city of Uyo offers you as there are few commercial houses.

Lands in Uyo kind of expensive but there are still few that is cheap, getting your hands in one will definitely pay off.

In estate  Business, you buy and wait and not wait to buy, because the price is on the increasing side steady.

Need Help with this business in Uyo? If so no need for worries, just contact us for a guide.

  • Entertainment and Relaxation Center

Uyo, Akwa Ibom state is a state of relaxation and enjoyment, the citizens are known to be people fun and happiness.

Consider opening a night club, eatery, restaurant, movie cinema, a playground, etc. these business places will be a go-to center when properly marketed and managed.

  • Fairly Used Items

This lucrative business is not common in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state as it is common in most major cities like Benin, Lagos, Delta, Port Harcourt, and some few others.

This highly profitable business involves the importation of goods like electronics, clothes, phones, shoes, and any other sellable things you can think off at a very relative cheap price because they are not new.

The selling prices of fairly used items are also very cheap, some fairly used items can even be sold for as low as fifty naira (#50), which always attract a lot of customers.

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Surprisingly some boutiques buy most of their stocks form first grade fairly used close clothes and shoes in hundreds of naira and later sell for thousands of naira.

The most interesting thing about this highly profitable business is that you don’t need to rent an office or a store to see your goods. You can sell them from home or in an open place.



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      Good to know that our article is helping.
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