Frequently Asked Questions About Edcoin

Frequently Asked Questions About Edcoin

Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Edmark Edcoin:

  1. How many accounts can a person create for EDCOIN?

One person is entitled to one account only.


  1. What are the available modes of payment for EDCOIN?

Cash is the only available mode of payment.


  1. Can a distributor use the bonus deduction as payment for EDCOIN?



  1. Is EDCOIN open to all including non-edmarkers?



  1. What are my incentives in investing EDCOIN?

Incentives can be earned through referral commission and increasing value of EDCOIN.


  1. Can I also have referrals even if I’m not a registered edmarker?



  1. Is my EDCOIN contribution transferrable?

No, but the EDCOIN Wallet is.


  1. Can EDCOIN be converted to EDPOINTS?



  1. Is the 5% incentive still applicable if I will convert my EDCOIN to EDPOINTS?



  1. If I have referrals, when will it be reflected on my EDCOIN?

As soon as the application of the downline recruit is approved.


  1. Do we get a copy of our EDCOIN summary every month?

YES, and it can be viewed via EDPOINTS App.


  1. How does EDCOIN affect my MLM Business?

It will enhance your MLM business for it will give you the advantage of easy conversion of EDCOIN to EDPOINTS. These points can then be used to purchase Edmark’s products and services from ED2E Merchants.

EDCOIN downlines, if not yet Edmark distributors, are potential MLM recruits.


  1. What is the difference of EDCOIN to other cryptocurrencies?

EDCOIN is backed and circulated within the EDcosystem.

  1. Can we increase our EDCOIN contribution during the second selling on May 31?
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  1. Can I pay for my Edmark City unit using my EDCOIN referral incentives?

YES. Complete details will follow.


  1. When can I have access to my EDCOIN for trading purposes?

After the ICO.


  1. Can I purchase EDCOIN using my child’s name while still being the operator of the account?

YES, as long as 18 years old and above.


  1. In case of death, is it transferrable?

Refer to question No. 7.


  1. Can I put all potential contributors on my 1st level leg? Is there any limit?

YES, there is no limit in numbers of 1st level legs.


  1. Can EDCOIN be used in international transactions?



  1. In the exclusive access, is there any limit of contribution before you can be able to use your 80%? For example, I have contributed $100 for EDCOIN, can I use the 80% for Edmark City projects?

There is no limit in EDCOIN contributions. In Edmark City exclusive access, participation requires a minimum of 80% of the total EDCOIN contributions.


  1. Am I legible for adding my initial EDCOIN contribution?



  1. When will my EDCOIN reflect on my EDPOINTS app?

After you bind the EDCOIN wallet using the wallet code that was sent to the registered email in EDCOIN application.


  1. Is this a private or public blockchain and what algorithm was the wallet built on? Is it ERC-20 Complaint?

Public blockchain. ERC-20 Compliant.


  1. Can the coin be mined or are there plans for it to be mined?

Pre mined. No need to mine.


  1. What problem is the blockchain trying to solve? It was not stated because building a city is not a problem. Can we see your roadmap till the year 2020?
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Cross border purchase of EDPOINTS in our EDcosystem.


  1. Why restrict the contributors to packages? Why not give them the opportunity to purchase any amount of coin they need?

The restriction is during the pre-selling phase only which has a consistency minimum amount of $100. After which, once listed in the exchange, they can purchase at any denominations.


  1. When was the coin launched and what is the value of the hard cap and soft cap? Are there any used or burnt coin

Pre-launch was in December 2018. No coin burning.


  1. What are your market capitalization and your maximum token distribution? Can we be able to find you on coin market cap?

$50 Million and the maximum is 900,000,000 EDCOIN. Yes, after ICO.


  1. Can we get to know your ICO stages and the plans for each increment per stage? Do we have a mobile app or a transferrable wallet with the public addresses?

Refer to our road map including the CAP. Yes, EDPOINTS app will be used using public crypto address.

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    How can you purchase the Edcoin? And how can you join the referral system?

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