NNU Activities Review 2019


Here in this article, we will be giving a breakdown of NNU activities review of the popular read and earn website, know as Nigeria News Update also called by its abbreviated name NNU.

The Nigeria News Update NNU was launch online in 2017, by Paul Samson a Nigerian blogger, with years of experience in blogging.

NNU was launched as a revenue sharing site, that is based on referrals, meaning you have to refer people the scheme before you can partake in the revenue sharing.

The founder used the idea of keeping people busy in the site and ensuring regular traffic to the site, therefore making millions of naira through the traffic which had with google adsense.

Strategies were put in place to ensure old and new members are busy on the site, promising to pay for each activity that the members partake on the site.

These activities include to login into the site daily, read news, comment on news, share articles on Facebook,  and writing up articles for them. Each of these activities was tagged with different prices for accomplishing them.

Things were going fine and smoothly except for the fact that most members were not getting paid because of inability to refer people, therefore most of them resulted in complaining and discouraging others to join the scheme.



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