In a densely populated world with corresponding increase in demand for quality engineering service, it goes without saying that the imperishable essence of an engineer cannot be overemphasized. The engineer in question must be well-rounded with at least a foggy clue without other fields of engineering other than a specified field, this engineering versatility will prove useful if the engineer must be able to work effectively and communicate with other professionals in the family of engineering.

It is therefore based on this invaluable need that the University of Uyo as incorporated into its curriculum specially designed program called SWEP for year two and three students of the university. SWEP is an acronym meaning “Students Work Experience Programme”. It is such a program poised at provided student with practical knowledge for general engineering processes and safety practices as are obtained in the world of engineering.

2015/2016 sets of the university doing SWEP one, the programme ran for one month with lots of activities which triggered interest and participation. The orientation exercise, exposure to practical aspects of many engineering works in the workshops and laboratories, log booking and technical report made the SWEP programme worth traversing.

Frequent chapters below are mainly summarized on weekly basis; every work done was recorded in the log book during the course of the program.




The first day of August 2017 marked the beginning of SWEP for 200level batch students. It started with the registration of students for the program. After the registration, we got to know some important persons in the faculty including the coordinator Dr. I. E. Markson, Assistance coordinator Engr. Ogbonnaya Agwu and a host of other notables.

Orientation exercise also came along in week one where students were informed about the SWEP and why it was organized at the first instance. The former Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Uyo, Prof. Linus O. Asuquo was the orientator. Nicely phrasing SWEP as an in house program, he urged all participating students to take the program serious as it will prepare for real and challenging world of engineering ahead.

Still in week one, a lecture was aptly organized for students, a guest lecturer Engr. Ekerette Usak was brought to take the lecture, the lecture anchored on INDUSTRIAL SAFETY. In the course of the lecture Engr. Usak had mentioned a host of salient points relating to safety especially at the industrial level.  After defining the term safety, he went on introducing dangers that are likely to occur if safety measures are not taken, he recommended the use of personal protecting equipment (PPE) at all time when working especially with machines or other tools in a workshop.

The activity of week one came to a standstill with a familiarization tour of all the workshops and laboratories in the faculty of engineering, University of Uyo. During the tour, we visited about seven engineering laboratories with each having something hitherto unknown to unravel as we were received by lab attendants and technologist who were already prepared to answer our series of questions.




We had, Carpentry works, Automobile works as well as Log booking. We made different products such chair frames etc.

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We had Masonry works, Foundry  and metal fabrication works as well as Log booking. We mixed cement and gravel to be used in road construction.


All work that wasn’t completed during the third week, was completed during the fourth week. We did masonry and metal fabrication and also Report Writing & Log Booking.


Masonry work

We did Masonry work. Our Masonry work was the construction of a road near the ELF. We were divided into groups. Each group had different tasks. Groups were told to convey aggregate to the site where the pathway was being constructed, carry concrete block, gravel to the site, dig a foundation along the pathway, others were told to break stones, etc.



Having gone through the SWEP for the stipulated 4weeks duration, I can say without reservations that the most cardinal objective of the program as been well obtained. Together with the host of other students, I have been overly exposed to general engineering processes and safety practices as are obtained in the world of engineering.

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